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Stilbite and Green Apophyllite crystal in Ibiza

crystal healing

Crystal energy healing sessions offer a myriad of positive benefits such as heightened energy levels, blissful relaxation and enhanced mental clarity.

These sessions uniquely blend reiki, energy work, and crystals, catering specifically to your current needs.

Through a deep exploration of your subtle energy bodies, experience profound healing, clearance of energetic blocks, and the removal of cords to the past.

Crystal energy healing sessions are priced at £120.

distance crystal healing

For those seeking distance healing, fear not! Distance crystal energy healing sessions transcend the boundaries of space and time, allowing you to bask in the healing energies from the comfort of your own space, wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

Individual distance crystal healing sessions are priced at £50, or £180 for program of four.

“Go for a crystal healing with this awesome and madly knowledgeable woman.. I had no idea what I was getting in to and was super surprised when I actually had a medicine experience..

She feels exactly what crystals you need, uses reiki to enhance whatever magic she’s weaving anyway and after that you sleep oh you sleep so well. I came out fully grounded and deeply relaxed n restored. Can’t wait for more!!”
- Kes, Ibiza

"I had an amazing Crystal Healing session with Jade, I always felt attraction with crystals but a session with them was something totally new for myself. During the session I felt a beautiful healing energy and that was really reassuring, I really felt loved, safe and comfortable.

Before the session I was asked for my intention for the session and afterwards I have received detailed explanations and guidance. I was also suggested to keep with me 3 crystals to settle that beautiful energy and for a few days after I was still feeling the healing.

Jade has a lot of knowledge about crystals and what she does is truly amazing, I really recommend that experience to everybody."
- Silvia, Ibiza

Four raw crystals

discover the basics

Dive into the enchanted world of crystals with our Journey Into Crystals online course. Perfect for those new to crystals, it lays a strong foundation for personal healing and spiritual growth.

become a confident crystal healer

Elevate your crystal knowledge with our Crystal Healing Practitioner online crystal course, guiding you from beginner to confident Crystal Healer in under six months.

crystal tranquility

Are you seeking a natural way to manage anxiety? Our 5 week self-study course, Crystal Tranquility teaches you how to liberate yourself from anxiety and stress using crystals.

crystals for kids

Introduce your little ones to the enchanting world of crystals with Rock Club World's magical crystal workshops for kids. Explore the magical realm of crystals with our FREE Crystals for Kids workshops. Nurture a love for crystals in the hearts of the young ones!

“Jade has a particularly gentle and fun way in communicating her intuitive guidance using crystals. She explains the what, why and how of using crystals. I would definitely recommend working with Jade to unclog the problematic areas of your life and living.”- Linda, UK

“For those wishing to get better acquainted with working with crystals get in touch with Jade. In this day and age when everyone is being all ‘new age’ and ‘spiritual’ she is the real deal! Humble, knowledgeable and genuinely intuitive she can guide you in a non fluffy way. If you are Ibiza based go and see her in person.”
- Marina, UK

Hand holding a Green Fluorite crystal

raise your vibration

Crystals possess the extraordinary ability to swiftly elevate your frequency. By aligning with your deepest desires, you open the door to witnessing miraculous unfoldings in your life. Embrace this profound transformation and let the Universe weave its magic.

enter the flow frequency

Harmonize your energy with the vast Universe and step gracefully into The Flow Frequency, where genuine miracles effortlessly manifest. Allow the enchantment of this energetic alignment to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation.

crystal manifestation grids

Engage in the art of crafting personalized Crystal Manifestation Grids, amplifying your intentions with the unique vibrations of each crystal. Experience the empowering synergy of your focused intentions and crystal energy, expediting the manifestation process.

manifesting fun

Step into the dazzling world of crystal manifestation with Rock Your Reality! Your Sassy Guide to Crystal Manifestation Magic.

From picking and pampering your crystal pals to infusing magic into your manifestation adventure, get ready to groove through chapters on different aspects of manifestation plus eleven crystal grids covering love, abundance, health, confidence, success, protection, and intuition.

crystal guidance

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of our Crystal Manifestation Sessions - a perfect fusion of manifestation coaching and practical crystal advice tailored to your unique situation.

“Being guided by Jade has been the most joyful, light, warm and sparkling way of working for my self love. You will discover the intuitive and funny power of the crystal grid and easily make this avant garde tool one of your essentials; whilst subsequently abandoning any other usual and outdated way of fighting for your desires.
Literally everything that you intimately and genuinely desire for yourself, will manifest in your reality so quickly that you’ll have no time to doubt or question this blessed change. As unbelievable as this sounds: you’ll feel like you’re suddenly jumping to another dimension and taking over that other, better aligned life you have there.This has been the most effective and worthy investment that I have ever done in my life. I’m beyond grateful to Jade Marsh, my forever Queen of Crystals.”- Angela, Barcelona

A selection of raw crystals

crystal creation

Founded in 2014, Spirit Crystal Academy is the creation of Jade Marsh, a Quantum Coach and Crystal Energy Healer with an unbridled passion for crystals.

As a self-confessed Crystalholic, Jade's love affair with crystals started in her childhood. What began with collecting “sparkly rocks and stones” evolved into a profound connection with the crystal realm.

After completing her advanced diploma at The British Academy of Crystal Healing in 2013, and achieving the title of Reiki Master Teacher, Jade found her spiritual sanctuary in Ibiza for 11 years before moving to bonnie Scotland in 2024.

crystal mission

Jade's mission is to share the transformative power of crystals. She thrives on teaching crystal courses and engaging workshops.

Her project, Ibiza Rock Club, teaching children about crystals, blossomed into Rock Club World in 2022, expanding into a global network of Rock Clubs spreading the magic of crystals worldwide.

Beyond crystal mastery, Jade is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher in the Tibetan Usui and Karuna traditions.

crystal talk

Jade has contributed articles to Soul & Spirit Magazine, Portugal News, and various publications, and has written four books on crystal healing, including one specifically designed for children.

She also hosts a bi-weekly radio show on Holistic Radio UK where she talks all things crystals!

Explore more of Jade's universe here.

If you have any special requirements then drop us a message and let's chat!

Clear Quartz crystal point with link to claim a free crystal affirmations mini guide
Hand holding an Amethyst cluster crystal